PLTR2019 Congress of Polish Medical Society of Radiology

Gdańsk, 06-08.06.2019

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Dear Colleagues and Dear Colleagues,

The discovery of X-rays by Wilhelm Röntgen in 1895 changed the face of medicine. Polish Radiology began to develop in the first days after the announcement of this fact, which took place on January 5, 1896. In 1925, the Polish Medical Radiological Society was established and its first Congress took place.

The next event, the largest Polish radiologists in the milieu, is approaching - the 42nd PLTR Congress, which will be held in Gdańsk on 06-08 June 2019, at the AmberExpo conference center.

The tradition of our joint meetings, exchange of knowledge, competences, achievements and experiences is almost 100 years old. You will be able to take advantage of the "tailor-made" educational offer (workshops, meetings with experts, plenary and satellite sessions), present your own research results or share insights from everyday clinical work. We would like to encourage all of you - radiologists, electroradiology technicians, nurses, physicists, engineers, students and doctors of other specialties to submit works for oral and poster presentations (dates are given on the website of the congress - radiologia2019.pl). We also invite exhibitors to present their offer for the imaging diagnostics environment.

We also encourage reflection on the achievements of Polish and global radiology as well as the assessment of the challenges and threats facing us. Such a creative combination of history with the present and future will certainly be favored by the atmosphere of a beautiful old town on the Motława River, wide beaches and a modern, vibrant Tri-City.

Each conference is a meeting place for old friends, an opportunity to meet new people, while the PLTR meeting is also a platform for establishing bonds and a sense of pride in belonging to the radiological community.

See you in Gdansk on the 42nd PLTR Congress on 06-08 June 2019 !!!

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